our dog trainers reviews


Walking our puppy through our neighborhood is actually enjoyable now! The training course covered everything we needed help with. This is by far one of the best investments that my husband and I have made.

dog trainer with owners and pitbull

Renee Holt

on Apr. 28, 2021

Their one on one course is literally the most perfect kind of dog training program I’ve ever heard of! The trainer comes right to your home to train your dog and then teaches how to train them too.

woman with puppy

Evelyn Russell

on May 19, 2021

This training has given me the type of dog that I always wanted! I’m able to take her everywhere with me now! Their training programs are top rated in CO. This is the best dog training company in Denver seriously! 

husky dog in class

Don Gardener 

on Aug 8, 2021

I love how they tailor the courses for everyone. It’s not just the same for every single dog. They really take the time to figure out what your dog needs most help with and fit their needs. So happy to have them in Denver!

mix breed dog learning how to sit

Glenn Heath

on Feb 12, 2021

We did the one-on-one  course and I felt relieved knowing Macy was being trained by a certified trainer. It made the whole training process so much faster and EASIER!

owners walking dog

Kathryn Hall

on Sept 9, 2020

This obedience training included with the essentials course got my little Lucy off to the best possible start! We loved the positive training methods and we loved how quickly we saw results. 

owner training puppy to stay down

Cheryl Harrison

on Jan 13, 2021

We signed up our 10 week old pup for the Essentials Course which covered all of the obedience training and it was the best decision we could've made! She’s now graduating from the advanced course. She’s become SUCH an incredible dog.

owner kissing lab

Alice Kelly

on Feb 22, 2021

I really recommend their essentials training course to any new pet parents! It covered everything I needed to know and how to handle other situations with my dog in the future too. It was really helpful! 🙂👍

smling dog how to stay

Libby Mccabe

on Jan 4, 2021

Our trainer was phenomenal! She not only helped reduce our dog's stress, but our own stress too. I really recommend their dog training courses. They're top rated in Denver and they definately lived up to all the hype!

owner in puppy training class

Caley Reynolds

on March 3, 2021