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Dog Training

All of our trainers are certified. We train every dog using the most effective positive reinforcement methods backed by the ASPCA. 

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Puppy Training 
1 - on - 1  Course

Our most popular in-home private obedience course. With this service, our trainers do the majority of the training one-on-one with your dog. This is our top rated & reviewed service.

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Puppy Training
Online Course

Our online obedience training takes the DIY approach to puppy training. We cover everything from potty training to loose leash walking in this 14 lesson comprehensive dog training guide.

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Dog Boarding in Denver

We provide luxurious accommodations including private rooms, suites with individual beds, TVs, cameras, enrichment toys, and daily activities to keep your pup happily entertained.

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Board & Train
in Denver

All our training programs can be converted to board and train programs. We accept pups who are 9 weeks and older.

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Advanced Dog Training Course

This course is a great way to build up your dog's foundation behaviors into solid, reliable responses that can be used everywhere.

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Puppy Training
Classic Course

Our in-home private obedience course where your trainer meets with both you and your dog for your sessions. You'll be hands-on throughout all of the training lessons.

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Personalized Private Training

These training sessions are specifically designed to match your individual goals. If you need help with specific behaviors, these sessions are ideal.

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We offer in-person and virtual evaluations to help match you with the best training option for you and your dog.


Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding service is top notch. We make sure that your have is not only comfortable, but also socialized with other people and animals if they choose to do so. 


Dog Sitting

Our dog sitting program can be a great alternative to dog boarding if your dog is not the social type. One of our trainers will come to your home to provide meals, walks, and medication if needed.


Other Pet Boarding
(Exotic Pets)

We provide boarding and sitting services for other exotic animals as well including small mammals, birds, reptiles, and even fish.


Obedience Training

Both our Puppy Training Classic Course and our Puppy Training 1 on 1 Course will throughoghly cover all obedience training. Everything from potty training to leash walk is covered in these services.