We offer in-home dog training services to the Denver area. Our team of certified dog trainers are committed to building the bond between owners and their dogs. We use positive reinforcement training methods backed by scientific research to provide the best results for you and your pup. 

We understand that bringing a new puppy or rescue dog into your home, while very exciting, can also bring about uncertainty. The first few days, weeks, and months of your dog’s new life are critical for his or her happy and healthy development, as well as a lifetime of harmony in your home. 

Our in-home training services provide long-lasting results that turn your new dog into the perfect companion. We find that most dogs who display problem behaviors at home make the greatest improvements when their training actually takes place in their environment. 


You will learn the essentials of reward-based training and how to pair it with proper timing and consistency to provide major improvements in your dog’s overall behavior. Most importantly, you and your dog will deepen your bond as you learn and grow together.

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